Friday, May 16, 2014


Mark your calendars: On Saturday, July 14, from 3 to 5pm, SuperPuesto opens at the Andrew Freedman Home Garden, 1125 Grand Concourse between 166th and McClellan Streets, in the Bronx. The temporary pavilion by artist Terence Gower is being erected in concert with the Bronx Museum of the Arts' Beyond the Supersquare exhibition, which explores the "indelible influence of Latin American and Caribbean modernist architecture on contemporary art." The pavilion is actually located across the street and one block north of the museum.

[Terence Gower, SuperPuesto, 2014. Pavilion: wood, concrete, hardware, vinyl tarpaulins, 18 x 66 x 48 feet overall. Courtesy of the artist and Bronx Museum of the Arts]

Pavilion description from the Bronx Museum of the Arts:
SuperPuesto applies the sharp, clean forms of modernist architecture to the rudimentary building technology of the puesto, the traditional market stalls found throughout Latin America that have become the face of the informal economies prevalent in the region. Drawing from the iconic form of Marcel Breuer’s House in the Museum Garden, a commissioned structure exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art’s sculpture garden in 1949, SuperPuesto explores the connections between the European-influenced modernist movement that emerged in Latin America after 1945, and the informal economic systems that contrast the progressive ideals promoted in the region during this period.