Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Mummers Theatre, RIP

While I haven't paid close attention to the fight to save John M. Johansen's Mummers Theater* in Oklahoma City, I'm disheartened to see this photo taken by Timothy Hursley last week of the one-of-a-kind building's demolition:

[Click image for larger view | Photo: Timothy Hursley]

One year before, Hursley visited the building with his sons:

[Click image for larger view | Photo: Timothy Hursley]

*Those interested, albeit at this admittedly late stage, should visit the Save the Stage Center Facebook page and The Architect's Newspaper's extensive coverage of Mummers and what will replace it.

(Thanks to Tim Hursley for sending along the photos.)


  1. Wow I have his architecture book featuring this building, from John signed by him at a talk he did in Provincetown several years ago.
    Thank you for posting this sad bit of news.

  2. I'm kind of crushed. I love Johansen's Rivercross buildings on Roosevelt Island and just searched for other buildings of his.


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