Walking the High Line

The third and last phase of the High Line opened to the public yesterday, so today I walked the full length of it, from 34th Street on the north to Gansevoort Street on the south. On my visit I decided to try out a timelapse app on my smartphone, and while the results are very amateurish (particularly the 5-degree tilt from horizontal that predominates, not to mention the occasional blurry shots and a close-up of my fingers at one point) the 2:46 clip does give a good idea of the changing character of the park and its context.

Want a soundtrack for the walk? I'd recommend a 3-minute chunk of Yo La Tengo's Autumn Sweater, as remixed by Kevin Shields. The song is embedded below and set to play the recommended part. Just press play on the song right after you press play on the timelapse and enjoy.

Any other songs or pieces of music ideal for a walking the High Line? Please comment with suggestions.


  1. Hi John,
    It's great to walk the complete HighLine sitting in my office in Berlin, Germany!
    Thanks :)
    Florence L.

  2. Loving it in Paris, France too!
    Julie - Atelier VongDC


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