Tuesday, October 28, 2014

A Sometimes (Published) Photographer

Pardon some tooting of my own horn, but it's not everyday (or every year, to be more accurate) that my photos are found in not one, not two, but three publications. Such is the case with the below magazine and books.

Now, I'm no pro at photography, but photographing buildings is important for me in understanding them and then writing about them on this blog. So over the years I've amassed a good number of them (hopefully improving in that time) and occasionally gotten requests to publish them. In many cases my photos aren't used, or more often they are but I never see those results. But in the last few months the below publications have been released, so I've received the shock of seeing my photos on paper – a shock often due to the lag time of print publications, as I had forgotten about my contributions in the intervening months and years.

Issue 981 of Domus magazine:

[Domus issue 981 cover]

[Domus issue 981 spread with my photos of Louis I. Kahn's FDR Memorial]

Le Langage hypermoderne de l’architecture by Nicolas Bruno Jacquet (Editions Parenth├ęses)

[Le Langage hypermoderne de l’architecture cover]

[Le Langage hypermoderne de l’architecture spread with my photo of Peter Zumthor's Thermal Vals]

Cool Chicago: an inspirational guide to what's best in the city by Kathleen Maguire (Pavilion):

[Cool Chicago cover]

[Cool Chicago spread with my photos of John Ronan's Poetry Foundation]