Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Guggenheim Helsinki's 1,715 Submissions

Stage One Gallery of the open, anonymous international, two-stage competition for the design of a proposed Guggenheim museum in the Finnish capital of Helsinki:


  1. This competition has nothing to do with the Finnish SAFA competitions and the best-of-the -world competition system in general. The schedule was very tight and stretched over the summer holiday period of European architecture studios. Putting a couple of renderings and a text, of each entry, for public comments, is - to put it mildly - a populist gesture. Most of the entries have absolutely nothing to do with the place and the context. There is NO money, yet, to actually build the building.

    1. ARKKIVAHTI - I can't speak to the Finnish SAFA system, but I agree that presentation is too little – and too much. In terms of only two renderings and one statement, it's much less than the jury will see to make a determination of the finalists (and therefore not a truly "transparent" presentation, as the organizers assert), and it's so many entries that it's like data overload, akin to the U.S. government making reams and reams of documents available to the public, too much for any sane person to wade through. An overloaded presentation of quantity over quality.

  2. Thats my comment


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