Monday, January 12, 2015

Slat Happy

Earlier today I did two microblogging things:
1. I deleted my "archidose" Tumblr page/account, and
2. I set up a new "Slat Happy" page on Tumblr
"Huh?" you ask, "You had a Tumblr?" Yes I did, and I'll admit it wasn't anything special, something I set up as an outlet for very short, image-based posts, featuring whatever struck my fancy. But over time – and I think I had the page for two years, tops – it got neglected, unlike the Unpacking My Library blog, which I started in July and is more focused and more interesting for me to do on a regular basis.

Yet I still like the idea of microblogging, so I decided to go the route that most good/successful Tumblr blogs go, which is finding a very specific niche and maintaining that focus over time. (Just think about all of the "F*!k Yeah" and "____ porn" – stair porn, bookcase porn, etc. – sites to see what I mean.) And although I'm not aiming for the levels of apparent excitement and overload in those sites, I like the idea of having a microblog focused on something I really like, and the first that came to mind was wood slats, a topic I wrote about for Houzz a few years ago.

So I set up Slat Happy*, loading it up with a handful of projects that put a smile on my face. The first one is one of my favorites, the Herman Miller/Holdrege Avenue Building by Lynch/Eisinger/Design.

(What's not to love? Photo: Amy Barkow)

 So visit, bookmark, follow Slat Happy. I'll be updating it as long as doing it makes me, well, happy.

*No, I did not see this Dwell article before deciding on that name. It just came to me and seemed to work well, and only later did I Google the phrase to see where "slat happy" has been used.