Sunday, April 12, 2015

Depends Legends

It was hard not to laugh at the "Depends Legends" commercial on last night's Saturday Night Live, a highlight of an otherwise mediocre episode. In trying to overcome the stigma in talking about grown-up diapers, the fake commercial recalls the "Oops! I Crapped my Pants" ad from a 1998 SNL episode.

But why feature "Depends Legends" here, on an architecture blog? Because in the middle of the 90-second piece – whose description is "There's no shame in wearing diapers when you're wearing Depend Legends, the diaper with classic movie stars' faces on it" – is the "Masterpieces of Art and Architecture" line featuring Fallingwater. Although incorrectly labeled as "Falling Water" with two words instead of one, it's obvious to see why the building worked its way between Clark Gable, the women of Law & Order, and other screen stars.

[Screenshot from "Depends Legends" commercial | source]

Watch the full commercial: