Monday, May 04, 2015

Whoever said less is more...

So this morning when I looked at my blog, I was greeted by an ad in the upper-right corner saying this:

I was intrigued a little bit, since the phrase takes Mies van der Rohe's famous phrase, "Less is more," and puts into what is obviously some real-estate-speak. But what is the development? The next photo in the animated ad wasn't much help:

And the next words made it clear this was a hotel, not a condominium:

Next came the big clue, since the view out the window is looking east down the Chicago River:

Meaning it could be none other than:

Then I got annoyed. Not only is Trump – or at least his marketing folks – casually dropping an aphorism that is considered holy by many in Chicago, where Mies worked for the last half of his life...

But the SOM-designed Trump Tower blocks a the east facade of Mies's tower at 330 North Wabash (formerly One IBM Plaza), his last building in the United States, completed one year after his death.

Pre-Trump (a photo much better than my shot from the Columbus Drive bridge can be seen here):
IBM Sunset

filling out the skyline

Post-Trump, pre-sign:
Trump Tower Chicago

Post-Trump, post-sign:

If this is "more," whoever said "less is more" never needed it.