LG's La Gota Process

Earlier today I received a newsletter with updates on the work of Losada Garcia Architects, a firm based in Spain and San Diego, California. One of their projects, La Gota Cultural Center - Tobacco Museum in Cáceres, Spain, was inaugurated on Wednesday. The design of five shifted boxes is a decent one (attributed, by the architects, "to the structure of the tobacco plant based on principles of equality and diversity that are seen in their leaves"), but what draws me to the project is LG's multifaceted documentation of it, which reveals the various media architects use in the design process as well as the numerous steps in a building's construction.

There's a LEGO model:

An illuminated model (of foam and cork, it appears):

A line drawing showing natural ventilation:

A full-blown rendering:

A construction photo showing the Domino-like concrete columns and slabs:

The glass window walls installed and the concrete slabs painted:

And the installation of the exterior screen:

What appears to be brick or terracotta:


  1. Beautiful looking building. My son will be pleased it started out as lego!


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