Going SUMO

[All photos courtesy of deMx architecture's Facebook page, unless noted otherwise]

I just learned about SUMO (Sustainabile Urban MObility), an "electric, mechanized mobility service [that] is the Western Hemisphere's first car sharing service based on street-legal, low-speed electric vehicles (LEVs), thus one of the greenest forms of motorized mobility in the world," per their website. Appropriately, their new headquarters is located in a shipping container stuffed into the porte cochère of an old building in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

Specifically, the SUMO headquarters is located at West and Lafayette streets:

[Image courtesy of Google Maps]

Here is a photo of the building before it received the shipping container:

The project was designed by SUMO founders Bob Munger and Mikel Lolley with the assistance of Fayetteville's deMx architecture, which posted these photos to their Facebook page. It's one of the more creative uses of shipping containers I've seen in recent years, and it goes hand in hand with the mission of SUMO.


  1. "A Room with a View".....definitely! SUMO's creative and unique office is as inventive as the electric vehicles themselves...thanks Mikel Lolley, Robert "Bob" Munger, and the SUMO ambassadors for sharing a sassy & smiling ride of the future...And the future is NOW.....


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