Monday, August 17, 2015

Architecture as Subject for Art

Head over to World-Architects to check out Architecture As Subject for Art, a short Q&A feature I just posted on some artists using architecture and building as subjects for their artwork. The feature includes a number of artists that have been on this blog before: Lynette Jackson, Sarah McKenzie, SerraGlia, and Allan Wexler.

[Sarah McKenzie: Patriot, 2010, acrylic on canvas, 48 in x 72 in]

The intro from the piece:
To get a sense of how artists see and think of architecture, World-Architects sent a short questionairre to six artists: Lynette Jackson is a Georgia native whose work – much of it produced only on an iPhone – is heavily influenced by mid-20th-century architecture and design; Sarah McKenzie lives and works in Colorado where she paints buildings and landscapes in a state of flux; Daniel Mullen, born and Scotland, lives and works in Amsterdam where he creates paintings following from his passion for architecture; SerraGlia is the alias of Italian architect and visual designer Lorenzo Servi who is based in Finland and uses art as a medium to depict environments hovering between reality and fiction; Xavier Veilhan's interest in architecture spreads across multiple media, from sculpture and installations to film and "Architectones"; Allan Wexler is a New York City-based artist who has been exprimenting with architecture, design and fine art for 45 years.

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  1. Architecture can be treated as Subject for Art or can be subject for Science, it is very interesting although it includes mathematics also as construction needs calculation.


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