Tuesday, January 12, 2016

LAST CALL: 2016 Pritzker Prize Poll

This post is just a reminder that my Pritzker Architecture Prize poll is online until 10am on Wednesday. Details are below.

Vote now! I'll post on the winner later in the day Wednesday.

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The Pritzker Architecture Prize website indicates that the announcement of the 2016 recipient will happen on Wednesday, January 13 at 10am EST, much earlier than normal.

So with just over a month until the announcement, who do you think should win the Pritzker? I've set up a poll in the right column (mirrored at the bottom of this post) to see how well this blog's readers know their stuff. I've expanded the list over previous years, so now it's packed with 30 names, but it allows multiple votes, so you don't have to just pick one – you can pick your top 5 choices, for example. If you disagree with my choices vote "other" and please comment on this post with your pick. Check back here on January 13th to see who won – both the real Pritzker and this poll.

For reference, the Pritzker Prize jury is made up of:
- Lord Peter Palumbo (Chair)
- Stephen Breyer
- Yung Ho Chang
- Kristin Feireiss
- Glenn Murcutt
- Richard Rogers
- Benedetta Tagliabue
- Ratan N. Tata
- Martha Thorne (Executive Director)
And here is the list of past winners:
1979 - Philip Johnson (US)
1980 - Luis Barragán (MX)
1981 - James Stirling (UK)
1982 - Kevin Roche (US)
1983 - Ieoh Ming Pei (US)
1984 - Richard Meier (US)
1985 - Hans Hollein (AT)
1986 - Gottfried Boehm (DE)
1987 - Kenzo Tange (JP)
1988 - Gordon Bunshaft (US) / Oscar Niemeyer (BR)
1989 - Frank O. Gehry (US)
1990 - Aldo Rossi (IT)
1991 - Robert Venturi (US)
1992 - Alvaro Siza (PT)
1993 - Fumihiko Maki (JP)
1994 - Christian de Portzamparc (FR)
1995 - Tadao Ando (JP)
1996 - Rafael Moneo (ES)
1997 - Sverre Fehn (NO)
1998 - Renzo Piano of (IT)
1999 - Sir Norman Foster (UK)
2000 - Rem Koolhaas (NL)
2001 - Jacques Herzog and Pierre de Meuron (CH)
2002 - Glenn Murcutt (AU)
2003 - Jørn Utzon (DN)
2004 - Zaha Hadid (UK)
2005 - Thom Mayne (US)
2006 - Paulo Mendes da Rocha (BR)
2007 - Richard Rogers (UK)
2008 - Jean Nouvel (FR)
2009 - Peter Zumthor (CH)
2010 - Kazuyo Sejima and Ryue Nishizawa (JP)
2011 - Eduardo Souto de Moura (PT)
2012 - Wang Shu (CN)
2013 - Toyo Ito (JP)
2014 - Shigeru Ban (JP)
2015 - Frei Otto (DE)
So, who will win the 2016 Pritzker Architecture Prize?


  1. just a comment. Bernard Tschumi is not american, he is swiss and french.

    1. Yes, but he is based in New York. The countries indicate where the architects are based.

    2. OK, new york and paris, but it seems that he is making many more projects in europe than in the states. Anyway this is not so important.

      your list is really "world open". But still I (in France) never heard of Tod Williams Billie Tsien and only a few of Jeanne Gang for example. The wide diffusion of american based site like archdaily is beginning to push more and more american based architect. I remember a list in archdaily for the pritzker (maybe last year) were half of the nominee were american, and more than half of the american architects were totally unknown for me. It's not a criticism, just a reflexion.

    3. Perhaps the American bias of the polls like mine and ArchDaily stems partly from the award coming from a Chicago family/company and the fact we are based on this part of the globe. Whatever the case, the last time somebody from North America won was 2005 (Thom Mayne), and before that it was Robert Venturi in 1991. It's apparent that architects practicing overseas are being commended much more frequently now.

    4. the fact is that the medias changes the way we can see architecture.
      The development of site like archdaily brings first a lot of previously unknown american architect in europe. Because the majority of the sites came from america, it's normal.

      Then it began to make visible project from south america, or asia, in europe. Do you remember how many projects from chile, turkey or china were published 10 years ago? The number increased...

      thank you for being a interesting actor for the diffusion of architecture!

  2. by the way. As you can read it, my english is very poor... and I don't find a traduction of "slat" (for your "slat happy" tumblr) that make sense to me. I'll appreciate an explanation! ;)

    1. Slats are tightly spaces strips – wood, metal, plastic, etc. – that are applied to a building as a screen or some other element. Since they are spaced apart they are not weather-tight enclosures, so often they sit in front of other walls, be they clear (glass, open) or solid. Inside a building, slats may be freestanding and used as walls that define space but let light and view through. I hope that helps.


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