Friday, March 11, 2016

Apple's Big Curved Glass

Mashable reports that approximately 900 of the 3,000 glass panes have been installed on the facade of the "spaceship," aka Apple Campus 2 designed by Norman Foster. More striking than the fact the glass is reportedly 10-1/2 feet tall by 46-feet long... that each piece is curved to fit the circular building. Sedak, a subsidiary of seele, which supplied the large glass panes for Apple's v2 Fifth Avenue Store, produced the glass for Apple Campus 2.

[Sedak's autoclave]

Sedak actually boasts of being able to produce "tempered, laminated, coated, printed, and insulating products in formats of up to 3.3m x 16m (10ft 6in x 52ft 5.9in)," so Apple's glass is a bit on the small side.

[Apple's Tim Cook visited Sedak last year when the final glass panel for Apple Campus 2 was produced | image source]

Filed under "I'll believe it when I see it": Mashable's report indicates that the restaurant at Apple Campus 2 will have "two glass doors that span four stories high (at 92 x 52 feet, it's about the size of a basketball court)." Those doors would make the exterior wall panes seem tiny and would easily be some of the heaviest doors ever created – much less operated.