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Friday, June 24, 2016

Art Under the High Line

The High Line might be known for, among other things, the seasonal artworks that spring up amongst the plantings, but this morning I noticed a couple buildings that reveal the desire to squeeze art into the spaces beneath the elevated park.

The new Lisson Gallery at 504 West 24th Street, designed by Studio MDA:

And right across the street from Lisson is Boesky East, an extension of Marianne Boesky's gallery designed by Deborah Berke...though I'm guessing she did not design Boesky East:

Speaking of High Line and art, this weekend is the last one to see Spencer Finch's The River That Flows Both Ways," which has been on display at the Chelsea Market since the first section of the park opened in 2009:
The High Line

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  1. There was an artist back in the 90s who caught some flak for making very lifelike statues of white businessmen as lawn jockeys, which I thought was a hilarious idea. I've been looking on Google using various search terms, but I can't find anything on the artist now.


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