Saturday, June 18, 2016

My 18 Favorite Instagrammers

I've been meaning to compile a list of my ten favorite Instagrammers for a while, but when I finally got around to it this morning I could not limit them to ten. So here's my top-18 list, selected based on these criteria:
  • Original photos (ideally taken and posted with a phone, but that's hard to tell sometimes)
  • Public profiles, obviously
  • Fairly regular posts
  • Unpredictable content
  • Less than 100k followers
  • I find myself liking almost every one of their photos that I come across
  • Feed is a document of what they see, not just what they do
  • Little to no selfies (feet are OK)
  • And of course a good eye

Here's the list, in order of the number of followers as of today, with some brief commentary and one indicative photo:

@cvwphoto (Chuck Van Winckle - 259 followers)
NYC architect with access to a lot of rooftops.

@carlyostnyc (Carl Yost - 511 followers)
NYC writer with a sharp eye.
A photo posted by Carl Yost (@carlyostnyc) on

@jazzyli_nyc (Yueqi "Jazzy" Li - 543 followers)
NYC architect who likes to travel.
A photo posted by Jazzy Li (@jazzyli_nyc) on

@mariofaranda (Marco Ferrari - 1,240 followers)
Italian designer capturing all sorts of things.

@ikergil (Iker Gil - 1,801 followers)
Greetings (mainly) from Chicago.
A photo posted by Iker Gil (@ikergil) on

@claudialorux (Claudia Lorusso - 1,802 followers)
"Human behind archiproducts and archilovers" with lots of SF.
A photo posted by claudialorux (@claudialorux) on

@julesricci (Giulia Ricci - 1,942 followers)
Great takes on "mostly architecture."

@swank_e (Kevin Hui - 1,981 followers)
His guess-the-project "archimarathons" are fun.
A photo posted by Kevin Hui (@swank_e) on

@timothyschenck (Timothy Schenck - 2,360 followers)
NYC art/architecture photographer with lots of surprises.

@noah_walker (Noah Walker - 4,421 followers)
The architect's own great houses interspersed with travel shots.

@peterbbennetts (Peter Bennetts - 4,828 followers)
Australian photographer documenting his travels.

@pietoudolf (Piet Oudolf - 15.4k followers)
The great planting designer's own Hummelo and landscapes elsewhere.
A photo posted by Piet Oudolf (@pietoudolf) on

@alice.rawsthorn (Alice Rawsthorn - 16.9k followers)
Although not her own photos, Rawsthorn is here because of her great 7-day thematic series exploring design; this photo is from "Design and Gardens."

@ollywainright (Olly Wainright - 38.5k followers)
The UK architecture critic with a sharp eye.

@langealexandra (Alexandra Lange - 40.7k followers)
The NYC architecture critic capturing design details.

@johnpawson (John Pawson - 52.9k followers)
The UK architect's simple yet beautiful photos.
A photo posted by @johnpawson on

@cb (CityBoy - 68.2k followers)
An anonymous Instagrammer who loves modern designs with clean lines.
A photo posted by CityBoy (@cb) on

@iwanbaan (Iwan Baan - 72.7k followers)
The one and only, shooting with his phone.
A video posted by Iwan Baan (@iwanbaan) on