October Hiatus

This and my other two blogs are going on break for the rest of October so I can focus on wrapping up my next book, which is due to my publisher at the beginning of November. I'm sure you, my dear readers, can manage to keep yourselves busy with the rest of the Internet between now and November. For those print-inclined, here's another plug for my brand new book, 100 Buildings, 100 Years, which can also keep you busy this month!


  1. Hi John, I've been an avid reader of your blog. I would love to purchase this book. Where can I order one? Cheers!

    1. If you're in the US, check out the micro page on my blog, or if you're in the UK, go to my publisher's page. Each has links for online purchase. Otherwise, it should be at most bookstores that carry architecture books.

  2. It looks interesting, I would like to read it


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