Monday, December 05, 2016

ACB and '100 Years, 100 Buildings'

I've been a fan of ACB's (Art & Culture Bureau) half-hour architecture documentaries ever since I discovered them back in 2006. The series, directed by Richard Copans and Stan Neumann (individual docs are directed by them but sometimes by others), does an excellent job at explaining important buildings through location shooting, architectural models, interviews with the architects, and thoughtful narration.

When it came time for me to research the projects in my recently published book 100 Years, 100 Buildings, I watched all of the relevant ACB documentaries. From the 100 in my book, there are (now) 14 buildings that overlap, each of which is embedded below. For more ACB architecture documentaries, visit their YouTube playlist, where 59 of them are found as of today.

UPDATE 05/2017: Due to issues with the ACB YouTube page, their account was pulled. As I find or am notified about other sources for the videos I'll correct the embed codes below.

1923 Notre Dame du Raincy | Auguste Perret | Raincy, France

1926 Bauhaus Dessau | Walter Gropius | Dessau, Germany

1929 Barcelona Pavilion | Ludwig Mies van der Rohe | Barcelona, Spain

1950 Johnson Wax Buildings | Frank Lloyd Wright | Racine, Wisconsin, United States

1952 Säynätsalo Town Hall | Alvar Aalto | Säynätsalo, Finland

1964 Yoyogi National Gymnasium | Kenzō Tange | Tokyo, Japan

1971 Phillips Exeter Academy Library | Louis I. Kahn | Exeter, New Hampshire, United States

1977 Centre Georges Pompidou | Renzo Piano and Richard Rogers | Paris, France

1982 SESC Pompeia | Lino Bo Bardi | São Paulo, Brazil

1996 Therme Vals | Peter Zumthor | Vals, Switzerland

1997 Guggenheim Museum Bilbao | Frank Gehry | Bilbao, Spain

1999 Jewish Museum Berlin | Daniel Libeskind | Berlin, Germany

2000 Sendai Mediatheque | Toyo Ito | Sendai, Japan

2013 Xiangshan Campus, China Academy of Art | Amateur Architecture Studio | Hangzhou, China