25 Reasons to Keep the NEA

Last week Donald Trump released a proposed budget that would nix the National Endowment for the Arts and other government sources for arts programs. A few weeks before that, with hints that he would be including such cuts, I put together a piece at World-Architects, "25 Reasons to Keep the NEA," in which I waded through about 15 years of architecture-related programs funded by the NEA and found 25 highlights. There are a number of New York-based institutions, such as the Storefront for Art and Architecture (pictured), but also many examples in other parts of the country.

Past Futures, Present, Futures

Although architecture would not take as big a hit as other arts, many great exhibitions, publications, and programs would not exist without the NEA, whose annual budget is $148 million – or 41 presidential weekend trips to Mar-a-Lago (he's already gone their five times since his inauguration).