Sunday, August 20, 2017

Eclipse Architecture?

The United State's eclipse fever culminates in tomorrow's total solar eclipse cutting a path across the country from West Coast to East Coast. Although New York City will only see a 71% eclipse, the fever is just as strong here as in the path of the total eclipse. Since I'll be taking the afternoon off to stare at the sun through some special glasses, I thought I'd do a post the day before with some buildings – real or not – that look like partial or total eclipses.

Most of them, like these, are in the realm of the imagination:

[Images from various sources via a Google Image Search]

But one built structure comes pretty close to capturing the look of an eclipse, the Ring of Life in China:

[Photo via Skyscraper City]

Built or not, they're not really a substitute for the real thing:

[Photo: NASA]