Back from Berlin

Last week I was in Berlin covering the World Architecture Festival (WAF) for World-Architects. I had a little bit of free time to venture about the city, snapping photos of the below buildings.

The biggest highlight was the Nordic Embassies, a complex I wanted to visit last year but only found a book on the design by Berger+Parkkinen instead (more of my photos here):
Nordic Embassies

On the way to the S-Bahn from the Nordic Embassies, I came across the Bauhaus-Archiv, designed by Walter Gropius in 1964 but not completed until 1979 by Gropius’s former employee Alex Cvijanovic:

Another highlight was the Tchoban Foundation's Museum for Architectural Drawing, designed by Sergei Tchoban and Sergey Kuznetsov (more of my photos here):
Tchoban Foundation

A major disappointment was Dominique Perrault's Velodrome and Swimming Pool, which I wrote about back in 2000 and will write about again very soon (more of my photos here):
Velodrome and Olympic Swimming Pool

Lastly, walking back to the hotel from the Velodrome and Pool I came across the Pablo Neruda Bibliothek, a seven-year-old building designed by Peter W. Schmidt (more of my photos here):
Central Library Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg