Curious Minds

Seeing this photos of MUMA Architects' community center in Cambridge, England, via today's Dezeen Daily...

[Photo: Alan Williams]

...I couldn't help think of this photo of Antoine Predock's Ventana Vista Elementary School in Tucson, Arizona:

[Photo: Timothy Hursley (I think)]

Uniting the two are the small, low apertures that enable children to peer through them, instances captured by both photographers. With that, I decided to look around for similar images, finding the ones below. My point here is that it behooves architects designing early education buildings to cater apertures to curious minds, not just furniture and fixtures. These examples show that many architects are already doing just that.

New Building for Nursery and Kindergarten in Zaldibar by Hiribarren-Gonzalez + Estudio Urgari:

[Photo: Egoin]

El Guadual Children Center by Daniel Joseph Feldman Mowerman and Iván Dario Quiñones Sanchez:

[Photo: Ivan Dario Quiñones Sanchez]

Guardería de Vélez-Rubio by LosdelDesierto:

[Photo: Jesús Granda]