Of Architecture and Pelicans

Somehow, in the course of reading email, checking Twitter and doing other things on the computer when I got to work this morning, I got off on the tangent of looking at covers of architecture books — specifically those produced by Pelican in the 1950s and 60s.

The small paperbacks, of which I have a two or three, are visually appealing. In turn, the designs of the covers have been compiled on websites and make up many a Pinterest and Flickr board. But most of the attention focuses fittingly on the graphic design rather than the content of the books. Accordingly, Pelican architecture books were scattered here and there.

That's when I decided to find some (though far from all) of the Pelican architecture and urbanism titles, put them together in a grid, and see how they relate to each other. Doing that, I present this grid of 18 books without comment, only to say that some of the covers (namely Georgian London and London: The Unique City) had to be cropped to fit the grid.