Saturday, May 05, 2018

Architects and Birdies

"Pole vaulting in the chapel, bicycling in the laundromat, sky diving in the elevator shaft?" Might Bernard Tschumi have also asked, "Badminton in Rudolph Hall?" I leapt to Tschumi's words when seeing this photo on my Facebook wall, from an article at Yale Alumni Magazine:

[Photo: Bob Handelman, via Yale Alumni Magazine]

Apparently, turning "the Pit" on the fourth floor of the Yale School of Architecture into a badminton court is an annual tradition, with about 50 teams playing nearly 100 games, per the magazine. While the tournament takes over the central crit space a few night per week, students still work around the perimeter and on the mezzanine overlooking it. A view of the pit set up for a crit:

[Photo: Seth Tisue, via Wikimedia Commons]

But the Yale architecture students don't just take over the pit, turning Paul Rudolph's space of education into a space of recreation; they also design t-shirts and posters. And according to at least one former student, "Rudolph clearly had Badminton in mind when he designed the 4th floor pit to the perfect dimensions of a Badminton court."

[Photo: Unknown, via Yale School of Architecture]

(Thanks to John J. for the inadvertent heads up!)