Today's archidose #1004

Here are a couple photos of Tencent Seafront Towers (2018) in Shenzhen, China, by NBBJ. (Photographs: Fernando Herrera)

Tencent Seafront Towers
Tencent Seafront Towers

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  1. Nice - it reminds me of the Louisville Museum Plaza project by O.M.A./REX... What ever became of that anyway?

    1. Well, according to one local article from last year, "city officials now indicate that investor interest has faded in developing a strategic half-block along the Ohio River next to the Muhammad Ali Center where a nearly half-billion-dollar project called Museum Plaza was once proposed."

  2. I live in shenzhen also,like this building ,but so many landmark in Shenzhen, like Pingan building (by KPF) in Shenzhen.


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