Today's archidose #1011

Here are some more photos from my recent Great Plains road trip, two buildings in Southeastern Wyoming: H. H. Richardson's Ames Monument (1882) in Albany County and Antoine Predock's American Heritage Center (1993) at the University of Wyoming in Laramie.

Ames Monument:
Ames Monument
Ames Monument
Ames Monument
Ames Monument
Ames Monument

American Heritage Center:
American Heritage Center
American Heritage Center

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  1. Two thumbs up...
    We went to the American Heritage Center in '94 to see some artwork by my wife's cousin. The talk of the town in Laramie at that time was how the ADA ramp (which has tall cast in place walls) had to be cleaned out by a bobcat do to severe snow drifting.
    Whoops = I guess they don't have that problem in Albuquerque, New Mexico?

    1. Given all of the snow drift fences I saw along the highways when driving through Wyoming, I'm guessing that is a big issue. Not sure if that's still an issue, though I did notice there's ADA access via an elevator from the parking lot. Unfortunately it was closed on the day we drive through Laramie, so I wasn't able to walk around much of the exterior or get inside. Hopefully there'll be a next time.


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