Fun with Google Aerials

When I posted in early April about Google's aerial maps, I did not know about Google Sightseeing (or it didn't as yet exist, I'm not sure). That fun site has some interesting architectural sightings that have prompted me to search out some equally interesting aerials.

A couple of their's:

Missing image - aerial1.jpg
Smith-Miller Hawkinson and Barbara Kruger's Picture This at the North Carolina Museum of Art (as linked previously).

Missing image - aerial2.jpg
The WTC site in Lower Manhattan, much in the news these days.

A handful of mine:

Missing image - aerial3.jpg
Kimbell Art Museum (weekly dose).

Missing image - aerial4.jpg
Clinton Library (under construction; weekly dose).

Missing image - aerial5.jpg
Getty Center (weekly dose).

Missing image - aerial6.jpg
Dominus Winery (floor nature).

Missing image - aerial7.jpg
Neurosciences Institute (Galinsky), just down the street from the Salk Institute (Galinsky).


  1. also of note, in the upper right corner of the photo of the Kimball Museum you see the constuction of Tadao Ando's building for The Modern (completed in 2002).


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