The Year That Was

A collection of both my and your (via # comments) favorite posts from this page in the year of 2005:

:: The Torii at Central Park - Christo and his (potential) influences
:: Universal Tourist - Exhibition at the MCA in Chicago, in two parts
:: Our Surreal World - In photographs
:: Hardblog Tactics - David Shuster and the Twin Towers

:: The Holl Truth - Controversey over his Nelson-Atkins design
:: Being Mayne - Background on the Pritzker winner
:: Traditional vs. Progressive in Alaska - More Mayne, plus update

:: What's a MoMo? - A distinctive Chicago condo tower
:: Does Chicago Wanna Be NYC? - The rise of sidewalk studios
:: Bad Building Roundup - With more on the 50th anniversary McD's here
:: Whales in Chicago? - Well, a mural of whales

:: Fun with Google Aerials - Plus some Renzo Piano sites
:: Stelae! - Peter Eisenman's Holocaust Memorial in Berlin opens
:: WTC = World Trump Center! - The Donald weighs in, pushing to rebuild the Twins

:: Art of Golf - Professing my love of golf course design
:: Take 3 - SOM's latest Freedom Tower design unveiled
:: Ess You Are - PS1's summer courtyard

:: Meier-palooza - In Long Island and San Diego
:: Peak Oil Recognition - Finally, but to what end?
:: The Space of Light - Dan Flavin in Fort Worth and Chicago
:: Gehry Goes 2d - Frank's appearance on The Simpsons

:: Plagiarism Roundup - Architects copying architects
:: Coniglio Gigante! - A giant bunny in Italy

:: This Old (Modern) House - The popular TV show tackles Modernism
:: Which Way to Build? - A question for the 21st century
:: Separated at Birth? - A hilarious discussion at Archinect
:: Measuring Design Excellence - Photography and the AIA Chicago Awards
:: 2000' Sisters - The Spire and the Tweezer

:: Bob the (Messy) Architect - Robert Venturi at IIT
:: Mount Tindaya - A large-scale art installation in a mountain
:: Door is Ajar - The photogarphy of Gregory Crewdson
:: The Archi-Tourist - Another plug for my latest web endeavor
:: Dubai 46 - The city as seen in Code 46

:: 108 North State - Block 37 finally breaks ground
:: Holiday Gift Books - For those waaay last-minute shoppers
:: Hadid Does the Louvre - Just not as much as originally anticipated
:: Best of 05 - Awards and "best of" lists for the year that was