40 around 40

Looks like it's getting harder to find cutting-edge architects under 40.

Missing image - 40around40.jpg

(found over at dezain)


  1. word to that hilltown....i think the few projects my buddy and i have done since i've moved to NYC are better and more thoughtfull than a lot of (not all) the crap that finds its way into these type of books...unfortunately we just are not connected i guess...or have a phat trustfund to back us...the more time i spend in this profession the more the harsh truth is that
    architecture is not unlike an aristocracy

  2. Do you think that they haven't bothered to look for any, instead reusing the architects previously mentioned. I own the "under" and found myself checking the ages of those architects mentioned and most were over 40. I think the reality of it is that there aren't many architects under that age who have a substantial practice/body of architecture. If I'm wrong however maybe its time we create our own list.

  3. Perhaps the problem with architecture in general is that talking about unestablished/untested architects aren't worth wasting your time talking about. And just how many architects get established before they are 40?


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