Weekly Page Down

Apparently, on top of my other problems, my host turned off my site today due to a billing mix-up related to my recent move. They turned it back on after promptly recognizing their error, but it's going to take about 24 hours before it's up and running again. This affects the daily page marginally in that certain images on that host will not show.

Rest assured the weekly page should be up and running shorty, hopefully by the time I awake and check tomorrow morning.

Update 11.07: Talked with customer service this morning and it looks like the site will be running in 24-48 hours. Talk about frustrating.

Update 11.10: It's back! Calling my host again today I learned that the automatic restart that was supposed to happen on Monday did not happen. After a manual restart of my site while I was on the phone with them, my site is up and running again within a half hour. I feel happy and angry almost simultaneously.


  1. I miss your weekly dose!
    I hope the problem isn't too serious.


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