A comment by shannon in my last post provided a link to Graffitecture, a book and exhibition with a release party/opening today in Chicago at Hejfina. Forty Chicago-based Graffiti artists were asked to "draw directly on photographic prints of architectural spaces." The online, Flash version of the show is a well-done virtual book that gives a taste of some of the artists' responses, like this modification of the Pfanner House by Zoka Zola.



  1. the design and layout of the book was ok? without the high quality photographs and the twice printed paper the book would gone no where..

    the articles are nonsense that has no value to the graffiti subculture thats in chicago. it was a bunch of heady intellectuals yapping about nothing.

    the graffiti art in it was ok also..
    i've been involved in the real chicago graffiti world for going on 12 years..there was alot of "never heard of ya's" and nobodies. in relation to chicago graffiti..

    the people who created the book must of put a bulletin on myspace for anyone that plays marc eckos graffiti game on playstation to contribute.

    next time invest in who's who and what really good before you create a book that has to do with graffiti..

    one more thing could you be anymore cliche,or corny with the title?

    4 out of 10

    bonus points for the printing and binding..


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