Parasol Rises

A little over a year ago I featured a half dose of J. Mayer H.'s Metropol Parasol, an exciting, urban-scaled canopy in Seville, Spain. Well, Flickr member Torchondo has a set devoted to construction of the project. Below are some images showing progress in the latter half of March.

March 23

March 30

March 31

(via Urbanity)


  1. you might be interested in this.

    parasols in Singapore by Alsop.

  2. hmmm...this looks nothing like the competition entry!

    The compromises architects have to go through when actually building a project vs. making pretty drawings on the computer!

  3. What should make this parasol in Seville more interesting than Alsop's parasol in Singapore is being able to go up in the one former.

    Give it some time, Alex. It should be a while before the cladding is applied, making it come closer to the renderings. That's not to say it won't look much different, but it's too early to tell right now.

  4. That is the coolest thing I have seen in forevs! Its like someone finally decided to build the doodle in their sketch book.

  5. Hi John.

    Please ceck
    Architecture videos from arround the world.


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