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Friday, October 10, 2008

Blog of Note

Thanks to Franco's comment on yesterday's post, I found out this page of mine is Blogger's "Blog of Note" for today.

[screenshot from Blogger's Dashboard]

Thanks to Blogger for "noting" this blog, and a cheery welcome to any new visitors, especially those who wouldn't normally have a reason to check out a blog on architecture, of all things. Have a look around (best via the monthly archives for older posts, as the labels and other helpers for browsing the archvies need some tweaking on my part to gain full functionality), and be sure to check out my weekly page if you find this page interesting.


  1. Thanks for the great blog. It is a very useful resource for my cultural studies students.

  2. Nice blog, with lots of references.

  3. I'm grateful to Blogger for noting good blogs in general--and those like yours in particular. I'll have to recommend the Daily Dose to my art history students, especially the post-1945 class. Good job!

  4. I love your Blog and have put a link from mine which is about new forms of advertising for sole traders and small businesses:

    Kind regards


  5. Having just started with my Architecture major in college, this blog is a nice referance as well as a sanctum of similar interests.

  6. Congratulations on featuring on Blogger's Blogs of note. I found your website on the log-in page....

    I've enjoyed looking at the pictures on the blog....I'll be visiting more to see if you have any energy efficient buildings, as that is of particular interest to me.

  7. great blog! Architecture was my favorite class in design school...congrats on being noted for your work :)

  8. Congrats! Your blog looks very interesting and I will definitely subscribe.

  9. i just discovered your blog on "blogs of note" and am i glad i did! :)
    just what i needed!


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