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With the sidebar links of the main page ever growing and growing, it was time to relegate some of them to this "sidebar graveyard." Here you'll find web pages that still exist but that have not been updated in six months or more. More will be added over time, as needed, and pages will be removed from here if and when they disappear completely from the internet. If you administer one of the pages below and feel that the inclusion here is incorrect, that it should be moved back to the sidebar, please leave a comment; please do the same if a web page resumes updates.

» agents of urbanism
» Arch | Diaries
» ArchiNow
» architects who eat their young
» ArchitEXploitation
» archporn
» arktek
» Arquitecblog
» Beyond Brilliance, Beyond Stupidity
» blog like you give a damn
» blo(g)oat
» Blog on the City
» boiteaoutils
» bookendless
» Built Environment Blog
» Candyland
» The Center: AIANY Blog
» City Bites
» The City Desk
» Critical Spatial Practice
» Ctrl-N/ journal
» Daily Architecture
» Defpoints
» design / politics
» Design Rag
» deputydog
» Developing News
» Die Gläserne Kette
» Do You Want Some Coffee?
» Eating Bark
» Eikongraphia
» Emergent Urbanism
» food for design
» Gehry: Contemporary Master
» housingfinance
» hugeasscity
» I Dream of Architecture
» LEED Boot Camp
» Looking Around
» The Loss of Silence
» MEGAblog
» Miss Representation
» New (sub)Urbanism
» NY Architecture Examiner
» The Pocket Square
» pointingit
» Polis
» re:ACT
» rory hyde dot com blog
» The Slatin Report
» Social Practice
» Stories of Houses
» terra non firma
» Thoughts on Architecture
» Travel With Frank Gehry
» Triple Mint
» 2 Blowhards
» Under the Skyscraper
» Where
» AIA Journal
» Architecture Ink
» Architecture Talk
» Building the Ultimate House
» Chicago Uncommon
» Danda
» Fotos de Arquitectura
» Hello Beautiful (WBEZ)
» Joseph Giovannini
» Prairie Avenue Bookstore
» prss release
» The Urban Reinventors


  1. Hello John,
    Keep up the good work. Your blog is looking great.

    You have a link to Hello Beautiful! at WBEZ. I no longer host that program, indeed, after I left it was cancelled. Hello Beautiful! now exists as the architecture blog

    All the best,

  2. Edward - I noticed it was cancelled this last August, though archives still seem to be available, hence its inclusion in this "graveyard." Your blog is still on my sidebar (Hello Beautiful!), though I have it as Does it matter which address I use?

  3. Archfarm goes on, truly aperiodic as we are proud of…

  4. ola
    voltei para ver melhor o seu blogue

    Gostei muito...parabens!


    gostava que fosse a:

  5. Hi John, Could you update your link to The Sesquipedalist from the old groovey to the new more mundane please? Many thanks, Steve

  6. hi there,
    I've noticed that you linked my site under the title "the way of peace". would like you to know that I dont use that title anymore, can you please change it to yangsquare or architecture enlightens life, thanks

  7. I find your blog a true source of inspiration. I maintain a blog too on architecture and interior design. It is here: Home Designing

    I am thrilled to list you as one of my friends. Hope you consider placing my site on your blogroll.


  8. Hey John, you might want to consider putting somewhere on your links section. They do not have a lot of buildings listed yet, but they allow users to add buildings. They have some nice features like a semantic data model, google maps and some nice pictures.

    Take care.

  9. i also maintain a blog. i would like to be added on your blogroll and to add you on mine as well
    my blog is
    thank you
    nice blog by the way

  10. Hi there! I just created a blog about arhitecture and followed yours. Will you do me a favor of putting mine on your sidebar blog list? Thank you so much! Here's my young blog: Architecture Stuff

    You have a very nice blog! I idolize you, keep up the good work. :)


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