Nobel Center Matching Game - Answers and Finalists

Last month I asked readers to take a shot at matching the anonymous entries in the design competition for the Nobel Center in Stockholm with the eleven firms that submitted. Today the Nobel Center announced three finalists (a winner won't be selected until April, 2014). Those are noted below as are which firm (numbers) designed which project (letters). See the jury statement (PDF link) for more information on each submission.

Participating Architects (in alphabetical order):
  1. 3XN (C)
  2. BIG (H)
  3. David Chipperfield Architects (E) - FINALIST
  4. Johan Celsing Arkitektkontor (I) - FINALIST
  5. Lacaton and Vassal Architectes (K)
  6. Lundgaard and Tranberg Arkitekter (A)
  7. Marcel Meili, Markus Peter Architekten (D)
  8. OMA (B)
  9. SANAA (F)
  10. Snøhetta (J)
  11. Wingårdhs Arkitekter (G) - FINALIST
Design Proposals (in alphabetical order):

A. Archipelago by Lundgaard and Tranberg Arkitekter (6):

B. Beyond 1210 by OMA (8):

C. Butterfly by 3XN (1):

D. Landing Seagulls by Marcel Meili, Markus Peter Architekten (7):

E. Nobelhuset by David Chipperfield Architects (3) - FINALIST:

F. Nobel Sphere by SANAA (9):

G. P(a)lace to Enjoy, A by Wingårdhs Arkitekter (11) - FINALIST:

H. PRISM by BIG (2):

I. Room and a Half, A: by Johan Celsing Arkitektkontor (4) - FINALIST:

J. Space Between, The by Snøhetta (10):

K. "We believe in..." by Lacaton and Vassal Architectes (5):

So the entries in letter/number format are as follows:


Which means I guessed 9 out of 11 correct, as did El Jiji on his/her first guess (but the edited guess got only 7 out of 11 correct). Anonymous and Craig both got 5 out of 11 correct. Thanks for playing!


  1. A P(a)lace to Enjoy looks like a very enjoyable place.

  2. I swapped 3xN with Wingardhs, which is understandable... but I am surprised that Marcel Meili, Markus Peter went for something so different from what they usually do...


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