A Daily Dose of Architecture, 2004-2018

Yes, it's time to pull the plug on A Daily Dose of Architecture, which I started back in 2004, five years after I started A Weekly Dose of Architecture (I ceased the weekly doses in 2014). More accurately, it's time for A Daily Dose of Architecture to morph into something else — what that is will be announced on the first day of 2019.

Why stop A Daily Dose of Architecture? Because:
  • I've been preoccupied more and more with other tasks (World-Architects, writing books, walking tours, freelance writing, etc.), so I've had less time to devote to this "(almost) daily" blog;
  • Most of the content that would have ended up here now makes its way into the World-Architects Magazine, where I'm Editor in Chief;
  • Although there is still a core of great contributors and photos (around 100,000 of them!) on my archidose Flickr pool — from which I would grab photos now and then, to the tune of more than a fifth of my 5,000 posts — it has become overrun by irrelevant photos, watermarked photos, and photos with privacy settings that don't allow me to embed them on this blog (furthermore, recent changes to Flickr have me considering canceling my pro account);
  • I want to change my blog into something that I will want to post about nearly every day.
With that explanation, thanks to everybody for reading and following this blog over the years. Don't unsubscribe, unbookmark, or unfollow just yet though. This URL isn't going anywhere and won't become just a stale archive of old posts; it will continue in another form. Stay tuned.


  1. thanks for all the great coverage, insight and hard work

  2. what a pity John!!!!!
    Thks for all these years of nurturing our souls!!!!
    see you in an other platform

  3. Been following this site for almost 12 years! Thanks for putting in the work and excited to see what's next.


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