dDAB in 2020

My blogging activities have just reached drinking age! It was 21 years ago this month that I started A Weekly Dose of Architecture. That website, which I stopped in 2014, was joined in 2004 by A Daily Dose of Architecture, what is now the one-year-old A Daily Dose of Architecture Books (or dDAB, which I say in my head as "dee-dabb").

So what will 2020 hold for dDAB? It will continue, but posts in the first third of the year will be less frequent than most of 2019, which averaged about four books per week. I'm in the thick of writing my latest book — a book, coincidentally, about architecture books, currently titled Buildings in Print — so will be posting just two books per week to this blog until May, after I turn in my manuscript to my publisher, Prestel. dDAB might even go on hiatus in April as my deadline nears — that remains to be seen.

That said, posts will resume later this week. In the meantime, Happy 2020 to all!