Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Architecture on the Radio

Looks like Architecture Radio is getting some company, as internet radio and podcasting are gaining both popularity and ease of use/creation.

Archinect reports on Radio Bonfi, "a free student run radio station from the Architectural Association School of Architecture." The "station" uses Flash but has a friendly, lo-fi-looking interface.

Missing image - bonfi.jpg

Radio Bonfi welcomes submissions from anybody, in an effort to "[explore] the commitment to a collective space of pleasure, provocation, and feeling alive...and to support the makers and breakers of the world." Tune in.

As well, LA's KCRW has a podcast of its Design and Architecture features. For those not familiar with podcasting (like me, I'll admit), it basically works like a blog feeder but instead of subscribing to a site and receiving post updates, mp3's are automatically downloaded to your CPU for your listening enjoyment at your leisure, via special software. Podcasting allows anybody with access to a computer to express a thought, a song, anything, aurally to the rest of the connected world, a liberating thought but, like blogging, one that requires some filtering. I'll try to post some links to worthwhile architecture-related, internet audio sites as I hear about them (and figure out this podcasting stuff).


  1. I've been using iPodder for the past several weeks. Works particularly well w/ iTunes. I have it set to automatically check and download various podcasts each morning. When I get to work they're loaded and ready to play (or transfer to my iPod)... Though it's designed around iTunes it should work equally well as a stand-alone app. At any rate, worth checking out.

  2. Hi Archidose-
    Just found this old post on architecture radio shows. I host a weekly one hour show with a couple of friends called 'The Architects', broadcast in Melbourne for about 3 years now. Most of our back catalogue is available for podcast and download here (scroll to the bottom).


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