Friday, May 18, 2007

Bruder Klaus Chapel

Thomas Mayer has 69 photographs of Peter Zumthor's Bruder Klaus Field Chapel, "a concrete chapel on the edge of a field in Mechernich, southern Germany, built by local farmers in honor of their patron saint, the 15th-century hermit Bruder Klaus," according to icon.


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  1. In ZUMTHOR I trust...

    Thanks for sharing this.

  2. I second that. One small and beautiful project. I wonder how it was built...

  3. I can't vocally discribe what his buildings cause me to feel.

  4. the construction/build process is just as cool. The farmers of the town went out and cut the logs (Bruder Klaus patron saint of loggers, I think)Stacked them up in a tee pee/ pyramid form. The concrete was then poured over this form work over a period of so many days. (Signifigance in the number of pours/days as well that I am not certain on) The floor is molten lead that was poured in. The log form work was the literally set on fire and burned out of the building leaving just the concrete, and the burned markings on walls and floor. The floor also registers time by means of water entering the oculus at the top and staining the floor in rings.

  5. David - Thanks for the information. It makes the building that much better. I was intrigued how the lines in the inside are vertical, though the outside's are horizontal. The exterior probably had a more traditional formwork, I'm guessing. Mainly, I love how the construction was an event partook by the locals. The burning must have been a great spectacle.

  6. The concrete was poured over 24 days, each day pouirng 50cm's (vertically wise)

    How can one visit this place? what is the easyiest route?? Any information would be appreciated


  7. Hi.

    I caught Zumthors lecture in London last year when he was describing the building, it sounds amazing.
    Im looking to take a trip out there. If anyone has got any information on gaining access it would be greatly appreciated.

    many thanks


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