31 in 31: #19

This is a series for August 2010 which documents my on-the-ground -- and on-the-webs -- research for my guidebook to contemporary NYC architecture (to be released next year by W. W. Norton). Archives can be found at the bottom of the post and via the 31 in 31 label.

William Lescaze House

On the maps in my guidebook to contemporary architecture, I'm going to include landmarks (designated or not) of Modernism. One such contender that I hadn't seen until recently is William Lescaze's house at 211 East 48th Street. Completed in 1934, I'm sure the house stood out then even more than it does now, its 19th-century neighbors sitting on both sides at that time. The glass blocks look like the could use some work, but overall the house has been cared for on the exterior. See the Critical Cities post on the house and the architect for some very good background information.

William Lescaze House

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  1. Thanx so much: I have been studying Lescaze's house during my studies in the 90s - and loved it.
    When I was in NYC I visited it. Too bad there was no way to go inside and see how the light works inside.


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