Saturday, August 15, 2015

REX Honcho in Esquire

Most of the posts in my ongoing "architecture advertising" series focus on architects and/or buildings used in print ads, commercials, and other forms of advertising. As most people probably know, often advertising takes less obtrusive means, such as being embedded into editorial content. The most obvious means of this is the fashion spread, which is a magazine's way of saying "this is the way men or women should dress," but which is really advertising for the clothes being worn. In the latest Esquire, the "Epic" September Style Issue (subtitled "How to Dress Now") an architect makes an appearance on page 174 (of 190):

I'll admit it's pretty cool to find Joshua Prince-Ramus in the issue. He might not be the most obvious choice (BIG's Bjarke Ingels would make sense, though for all I know he's already done it), but his shaved head and cool determination work well. Heck, I'd buy those clothes. Wait – that outfit costs $16,175! Never mind.