Favorite Books of 2020

In 2020, the second year for A Daily Dose of Architecture Books, I featured more than 150 books in six day-of-the-week categories: Monograph Monday (30 books), Technical Tuesday (13), World Wednesday (28), History/Theory Thursday (28), Free-for-all Friday (32), and Wayback Weekend (27).

Rather than picking one favorite in each category, as I did last year, I'm creating two Top-10 lists from those 158 books:
  1. Books published in 2020
  2. Books reviewed this year but published before 2020
Below are the lists, with books in alphabetical order by title and links to my original reviews. With this post I'm taking a two-week break, resuming reviews on January 4, 2021. Happy holidays to all!
Favorites published in 2020:
Pre-2020 favorites: